Sri Lankan Data Community


The Sri Lankan Data Community started off as SQL Server Sri Lanka User Group (SS SLUG) in April 2007. It was founded by Dinesh and Gogula to reach out to the technical community to share knowledge and learn about technologies that they were passionate about: SQL Server and other Microsoft data technologies. The SS SLUG has since been a staple for many technology professionals, enthusiasts and students who worked with SQL Server and related technologies. The community had had its ups and downs, but nevertheless continued to persevere with monthly meetups throughout the years.

The Present

In recent times we've come to realize in today's world many solutions require a combination of data technologies. We've also noticed that there aren't many regular and dedicated community learning options in the data world for technology professionals in Sri Lanka.

Hence, and since we've been doing this for 10 years, SS SLUG has now become Sri Lankan Data Community, a learning platform for all those working on the data space in Sri Lanka; regardless of vendor, technology or area of interest.

Our Focus

Our focus is still the same, provide a learning and showcasing platform for the Sri Lankan technical community:

  • Learning for all; seasoned professionals, educators, enthusiasts and students.
  • A pedestal for new speakers: no matter who you are (even a student), if you want to share your knowledge or learning experience, come to us.


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